Monday, May 2, 2011

The Girl's Got Moves!

Oh, I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog!  We are all doing very fact, here's a look into how awesome Ellie's doing!

She performed in her first dance recital yesterday and she was BRILLIANT!  Just look at her!


  1. She is as adorable as can be! I love the music, her costume, her dance moves, and especially her brilliant smile!

  2. How Precious!! I just came across your blog and I'm starting reading it from the start. My daughter is 4 with PVL/CP. We are looking into SDR and would love to chat with you about how your daughter is doing and the whole procedure and the past year of therapy. Also we are going to Conductive Ed in Orlando this summer and would love to hear about your experience there.
    Thanks for sharing your blog and experiences.

  3. Oh I just Love it!!! Ellie, girlfriend, you are a Dancer!! She's got the arm movement down!! I love the way the dance instructors accommodate for Ellie and allow her to experience a dance recital!! How very precious!!! I know you only had eyes for one little girl. Ellie is blessed to have you both as parents, Chrystie and Richard!!
    Jane Hillis