Sunday, December 19, 2010

And the Craziness Begins...

Well, here we are, in the throws of another Christmas season.  Two pageants and one family gathering down!  It's been a lot of fun, but it will also be nice to spend some quiet time as our little family.  And, by "quiet" time, I mean watching football and playing Tinkerbell Bingo, of course.

Ellie started off the holiday craziness with her Kindergarten Christmas program.  She, of course, was precious.  Nervous and a tad overwhelmed, but precious nonetheless :-).

On her way to the gym for her big elementary school debut!

Getting in on the actions!  We decided it would be best for Ellie to sit in her chair while on stage, because she can't use her hands very well when using her walker.  And, as you can see in this picture, she really needed to have her hands free!

Away in a Manger...

 Next on the agenda was our first family party.  And when I say party, I mean PAR-TAY!  Ellie has so much fun with her little cousins, and we have fun watching her.  And, you know, we're kind of in love with our family.  They are the definition of support and unconditional love.  Cheesy, but true.

All of the (2nd) cousins together (aka: GONG SHOW)...
Waiting (not so) patiently for the gift-opening to begin...
There we go!

And, today, Ellie rocked it up at church during her Sunday School Pageant.  I was SO PROUD of her!  She said her verse!  Did you get that?  Ellie said her verse!!  She's had it memorized for a while, but she always clams up in front of people.  But, after a super-enthusiastic pre-program pep talk from her mom, Ellie was a super star verse-sayer!  Unfortunately, we didn't get it on video, but here's some still photos of church this morning:
Waiting for the class of 5-year olds to do their thang....
She said it, she said it!
How pickin' precious are these two?!  Cousin Zach came out to cheer Ellie on.  I take full credit for the matching outfits.  I couldn't help myself.
More cute matchy-ness
Awwww....You think Grandma will make a copy of this for her fridge?  That's a no-brainer!

From our busy Christmas house to yours...MERRY week-before Christmas!


  1. She Said it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am cheering all the way from Alabama!! I KNOW what a triumphant moment that had to have been for Princess Ellie to have memorized a scripture and repeated it in front of everyone for a church program!! That is one BIG WHOPPDEDOO!!
    It's the Little things that we get excited about and others take so for granted...right?? She was so sweet in her little school program.
    Like Ellie, James was a little "deer in the headlight" look at first when he sang in his little pre_K Christmas program Friday morning. He had practiced without an audience so when he came in and saw ALL those people, Mary Ellen had a moment of panic when she saw the lip pucker, BUT>>>miracles of miracles, he recovered nicely and the show went on! I could see no one else but the cute little boy "sitting"!!!!! Yes, Sitting!!(this is where we get a BIG WHOOPDEDOO because James could not do that last year without tumbling over)on the bottom riser. His aide (actually the class aide but Ms. Dezi is with James all the time) sat behind him to steady him but he didn't need the help afterall. Our babies are special in 100 ways!!
    Merry Christmas
    Jane Hillis
    James's Grandmother

  2. Way to go, Ellie!
    Okay, 'fess up time. Ellie has the.most.adorable.clothes. Where, oh, where did you get that outfit with her name on it?
    I notice Ellie is not wearing AFOs with her fancy shoes. Does she not need them anymore?

  3. Marjan,
    It is true that dressing my girl up is my indulgance in life (well, that, and Starbucks, of course!). Most of her monogrammed stuff comes from Kelly's Kids ( and her other Christmas outfit is from Matilda Jane ( I also love me some Naartjie ( and Hannah Andersson. One of my fave clothing websites is Too bad you didn't name Sarah "Ellie", cuz then I'd give you the hand-me-downs :-). THANK YOU for the compliments! MERRY CHRISTMAS, friend!

  4. Ellie, we are SO PROUD of you...and yes, like the comments before, you look ADORABLE! Those first Christmas programs are a big deal. So glad you had fun and got to say your lines. Are you taking off in your mom's footsteps??? :-) Have a GREAT Christmas!

  5. This was wonderful. Wow, a whole verse! Go Ellie! She is way too adorable. Her little cousin is cute too. I love the matching outfits. I love Kelly's Kids too.